ISOCORRAG International Atmospheric Exposure Program: Summary of results

Edts. D. Knotkova, K. Kreislova, S.W. Dean, Jr.

ASTM Data Series 71, Stock No.: DS71
ISBN: 978-0-8031-7011-7

Metals, protective coatings and other materials deteriorate when exposed to atmospheric environments. A standardized corrosivity classification system has been developed by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, that is used through out the world. The improvement of the standardized corrosivity classification system was achieved by a careful evaluation and analysis of the results of the data from the ISOCORRAG Program. Subsequently, the MICAT Program was organized and carried out through the cooperative efforts of Spain, Portugal, and many Latin American countries. Both the ISOCORRAG and MICAT programs were designed to find simple dose-response relationships between the environmental parameters and the corrosion damage.

This book presents the results of the ISOCORRAG Program in a single document so that engineers, scientists, students and other interested parties may have access to them. In addition, an extensive list of references has been included to assist the reader in locating these analyses of the data contained in this book.

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