Temporary corrosion protection

Temporary corrosion protection solves the problem of product production during their export to other climatic areas and/or during their long-term storage. Means of a temporary protection include conservation products and also products, which adjust the atmosphere in packaging.

The danger of corrosion attack of metal coatings increases in their post-production phases - storage and transportation. During the export of products to other climatic areas and also during their long-term storage the protection of products is solved by a temporary corrosion protection. The term temporary anti-corrosion protection is not given by a shorter time of protection since this type of protection is deliberately ended after a required time and the protection agents are easily removed from the surfaces of products or equipment. The temporary corrosion protection means are mainly conservation agents (conservation oils, waxes, vaselines, emulsions, pick-up varnishes, pick-up substances, etc.), and further agents, which adjust the atmosphere in packagings (desicants, vapour corrosion inhibitors, papers or foils with vapour or contact corrosion inhibitors, etc). It is possible to solve the temporary protection by two different ways:

  • by the adjustment of conditions of product or equipment storage, that is by limiting the influence of corrosion-aggressive action of atmospheric compounds (heated and air-conditioned storage areas, product packaging, usage of desicants or vapour corrosion inhibitors in packagings)
  • by preventing or limiting the access of corrosion-agressive compounds from the environment on the surface of products or equipment, that is by the usage of conservation agents, which produce a barrier layer (coating) on the surface

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