The activites of our company illustrate a separate range of activities, through which SVUO Ltd. is able to offer a wide portfolio of services. SVUOM´s experts are open to any cooperation concerning their activities.


Accredited testing laboratory

Within the framework of SVÚOM Ltd. a testing laboratory No. 1096 accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17 025 is in operation. The lab is regulary check by the Czech institute for accreditation, o.p.s. and therefore gained ...

Accredited tests

Inspection activities

Inspection activities involve
  • supervision of work during surface treating at building sites and workshops
  • performance of control activities to certify quality parameters of surface treatments during product acceptance
Inspection activities are carried out by SVÚOM Ltd. employees based on ...

Atmospheric test-site

Atmospheric corrosion tests consist in the exposure of samples to atmospheric conditions at test-sites and in the regular evaluation of samples. Atmospheric testing plays a key role in the research of materials and surface treatment. SVÚOM Ltd. has several test-sites operating across the whole of Czech Republic.

Analytical laboratory

It carries out basic determinations and analyses.

Measurement of pollution

To monitor the values of air pollution by sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides a method of passive samplers with an easy manipulation and an appropriate accuracy of measurement for the evaluation of sources causing air pollution in a given area is used. To determine the amount of dust particles in atmosphere …

Climatic and corrosion tests

Physical testing of materials and coatings


Corrosion engineering

This field engages in the research of corrosion in its entire width. SVUOM long-term experience with corrosion is its specialty and a know-how.

Corrosion tests

Metallographic laboratory

Electrochemical laboratory

Material analyses

Atmospheric corrosion

The basic condition for the development and course of atmospheric corrosion is therefore a production of a moisture layer by the condensation of air moisture. The rate of corrosion is strongly influenced by the concentration of pollutions from the air - most importantly SO2 and chlorides.

Atmospheric corrosion tests

Temporary corrosion protection

A temporary corrosion protection solves the problem of product protection during their export to other climatic areas and/or during their long-term storage. Means of a temporary protection include conservation products and also products, which adjust the atmosphere in packaging.

Judicial-expert activities

Judicial-expert activities

SVÚOM Ltd. was named by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic on 2.2.2000 in Prague, No. 28/99-000 as the institute of expert activities in the range of expert authorization for the protection of metals against corrosion by metal layers, paint layers…


Surface treatment

The site is under construction ...

Integrated prevention

The execution of an IPPC application according to Act No. 76/2002 Coll., and Decree No. 554/2002 Coll., the consideration of applications such as complement person according to § 11 of Act No. 76/2002 Coll., ...

Environmental safety

This department analyses expert-opinions according to Act No. 86/2002 Coll.

Expertize activities

  • judgement of defects of corrosion measures during the technical life of constructions and equipment
  • anti-corrosion proposal

Consulting activities

is in preparation

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